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selfmutilized's Journal

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Pad Thai Panda
23 December
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I went to your house and demonically chopped you up like landscape wood for the garden. I was laying in the scent of your decaying flesh, and bathing myself in the possessed fluids of your warm bubbling insulin. On my way home, I ran into charlie, which is myself. I fought charlie, and called him an elastic rhino that can't get a date cuz he has a jewish potassium deficiency. Charlie got angry, and tried to swallow my souls. He was told that his sleeves were untied. He tried to remove his shirt, but he couldnt get it off. Lack of will power caused me to push him off a cliff. I finally got home, and colapsed onto my bed. Yawwwwwwwwn, sleeping makes me feel like bananas on an opaque indigo night sky. Kinda like two coats of wax absent minded sticky ketchup.

If its not good
it might get better
if its not good
it might just sever

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